Veteraner, se også FORSVAR

The Intension of Inventing a New Retention Policy for the Danish Armed Forces

In spite of the establishment of

- a veteran- or retention policy for soldiers in the other Scandinavian countries,

- a more military active foreign policy by Denmark than by the other Nordic countries with the result of more casualties for Danish soldiers than their Nordic colleagues and

- a broad public support for Danish veteran soldiers (commemoration day, soldier foundations and interest groups, etc.),

the official Denmark had not yet decided a comprehensive plan on how to handle our returned soldiers from duties abroad in international military missions. 

Psychological Stress

Introduction:Based on 546 soldiers´ responses from nine countries : Bulgaria, Denmark, Italy, Philippines, Slovenia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain and Turkey, it is shown that more soldiers feel psychological stress before (204) and after (207) than during (141) the international mission abroad and that fewer soldiers experience coping strategies (80) before and after (46) than during the mission (185).